GGI Confidential Test Post

This is a GGI Confidential test post.

Fortunately, restricting content is easy with our MemberPress plugin. You can apply rules to your entire site or specific posts or pages to control who can see what. This gives you a lot of flexibility and can help you strategize more effectively.

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of MemberPress content protection rules, including why and how to use them. Let’s go!

Why You Might Want to Use Content Protection Rules on Your Membership Site

Publishing free content is crucial if you want to build expertise and a solid customer base. However, you might eventually want to reward your committed subscribers with exclusive posts or generate passive revenue by publishing downloadable e-books or webinars users can stream from your site.

Using MemberPress content protection rules can help you achieve these goals. You can offer a mix of free and paid material, give your users access to premium content for...

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