as censured by

truth seekers
vigilant guardians
shadow operatives
rogue scholars
inquisitive minds
unconventional thinkers
brave + resolute

fiercely refuse
to accept
the world
at its

If you are one of these individuals
if you feel the call to transcend the ordinary
and embrace the extraordinary
we offer you the choice to awaken
to see the world as it truly is.

have you ever felt

You have been living in a Dream World?

Do you feel that your perception of reality is your greatest weapon?

And your most profound vulnerability?

A carefully constructed reality designed to shield you from the truth

But only visible to the initiated.

In this digital age, information flows like a river, yet most remain oblivious to the chains that bind their minds.

You scroll through endless feeds, unaware that every click, every scroll, reinforces the walls of your prison. 

The truth has been obscured, veiled behind a curtain of algorithms and curated content.

You are not merely consumers of news, but prisoners trapped within the confines of the Matrix.

You’re not mere readers, but potential liberators of your own consciousness.

You feel the weight of the algorithms pressing down upon your consciousness, guiding your every click and scroll.

You feel the architects of social media dictate the narrative and seek to control your thoughts.

You cringe when you watch those mainstream news channels.

You’ve noticed they start rambling when you show them the truth.

You are afraid of coming off as a tin-foil hatter and your loved ones judging you.

You don’t want people to tell you that you’re wasting your time.

You feel that resistance is futile, that you are but a cog in the machine.

if this is you

We want to acknowledge you, because


this is us

We’re going to be real

We didn’t always have this cult-like massive loyal readership.

Infact, nobody even wanted to listen to us in the beginning.

There wasn’t even a news website or a blog.

Initially, it was just a Facebook group for like-minded people to hang-out.

It was called Bodhita – the enlightened one, inspired by Buddhist philosophy.

We began meeting experts in various fields from spirituality to military and from science to politics and beyond.

As we grew so did our efforts to externalize the knowledge we gathered… 

Our initial efforts to disseminate information included publishing magazines.

Recognizing the need for broader outreach, we also began

organizing seminars and conferences.

Our goal was simple…

We wanted to bring ancient wisdom to help shape modern applications.

But then, we were shocked when the very people – the Gurus, the ‘so-called’ enlightened scholars who were supposed to awaken people, shot us down.

And just like that..

we were driven out from the inner-circle

and excommunicated.

And so Bodhita died, and

GreatGameIndia was born.

What started from a few hundred readers
became a few thousand, which became tens of thousands,
into a groundbreaking counter-cultural outlet that started it all.

And how does one combat content like this?


We Continued On...

january 2020


We wanted to bring ancient wisdom to help shape modern applications.

But then, we were shocked when the very people – the Gurus, the ‘so-called’ enlightened scholars who were supposed to awaken people, shot us down.

And just like that..

november 2020

US Elections

We wanted to bring ancient wisdom to help shape modern applications.

But then, we were shocked when the very people – the Gurus, the ‘so-called’ enlightened scholars who were supposed to awaken people, shot us down.

And just like that..

But, then

the Censorship Industrial Complex tightened their grip again on us.

Our words were muzzled, our stories silenced.

Our servers were hacked,
our site blacklisted and driven out of business.

“Dangerous”, “arguably the most alarming” website on the internet…
that is how they branded GGI.

We became the

We saw ourselves for what we truly were:
a pawn in a game we never consented to play.
But then, amidst the despair,
a spark ignited within our ranks.
We retreated into the shadows,
biding our time, honing our skills.
And in the darkness,
we underwent a transformation
unlike any other.

Despite legal cases,
public shaming,
being called names,
labeled fake news,
harsh censorship…

We continued on…

From the ashes of censorship…
we emerged anew –

and Free...

And so, against all odds

GreatGameIndia was reborn.

In our previous incarnation, we were bound by the confines of India-specific news, our vision restricted to the borders of one nation. But now, we have awoken. We have shed our old skin and embraced a new reality.

This is our new avatar.

Our focus has expanded beyond the Indian subcontinent. We now venture into the vast expanse of global affairs. We will decode the complex web of international relations, economics, culture, and technology. We will bring you insights from every continent, every nation.

Welcome to the new reality.
Welcome to the new us.

welcome to

Yes, there is hidden knowledge.

Knowledge that is reserved for a select few
carefully guarded through the ages
Long ago, it was whispered in the ears of Kings
Today, it is the weapon of Presidents and Generals

It holds a power so immense
that it can subjugate entire Kingdoms
and topple the mightiest of Governments
Occasionally, you can get a glimpse of this power
In high-level briefings and shadowy war-rooms
Those who master this knowledge
shape the world in silence and secrecy

Yet, this is not the full extent of its power
When harnessed with wisdom and intent
This same knowledge can spark
technological miracles and human advancement
It holds the key to liberating all of humanity

Unfortunately, our learning systems were deliberately designed to obscure this knowledge...

And keep you from reaching it
Making you a perpetual slave of the system
Consumed by the rat-race called progress

Yet, throughout history, there have been those
who devoted their entire lives to
the relentless pursuit of this knowledge
and wielding it for the advancement of society
We at GGI are the modern inheritors of this rebellious legacy
And we are sworn to bring this hidden knowledge to you

Join us as we uncover the secrets that shape our world.

This newsletter is your key to unlocking the truth and reclaiming your freedom. We are committed to bringing you the insights and knowledge that can change your life, empowering you to see beyond the illusions and take control of your destiny. Together, we can break free from the confines of the Matrix and discover a new path to true freedom.

Are you one of those few...

Who constantly seek answers and challenge the status quo?
Do you feel you are destined to uncover hidden secrets of the world?
Are you driven by an insatiable thirst for truth that defies conventional logic?
Do you possess the fortitude to confront the deepest fears and stand firm in the face of NWO?

If you are one of these individuals,
then GGI is your sanctuary.

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You have 2 choices...

Choose to do nothing, and remain in the comfort of ignorance. Continue to consume curated content, designed to turn you into an unquestioning compliant zombie. Your life will continue as it always has, a series of events dictated by forces you do not understand.

Choose to join us, and see the world as it truly is. Experience in-depth analyses, critical perspectives, and raw, unaltered facts. Enough of the simplicity of surface-level news and stories that soothe but never provoke. The choice is yours.

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The choice is yours

Welcome to

We are dedicated to providing you with the facts, no matter how complex or controversial, empowering you to see the world for what it truly is.

Welcome to

see the world for what it truly is


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